Monday, July 7, 2014

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Went to the local library and picked this one up last week. Another retelling? ... you know I'm a sucker for these, especially Beauty and the Beast retellings. Writing? awesome. Totally awesome. But overall? I guess you could say I just wasn't that into it. Of course other factors could play into this such as, simply not in the right mind set for it, wasn't ready for it, so on and so forth. 
    I just didn't really fall in love with any of the main characters... or side characters for that matter. I wanted to, believe me I did. With writing like this? How could you not be into it? I just found myself skimming, and having absolutely no quarrels about putting this one down and only picking it up when I really wanted to. This might be one I'll find myself returning to after a while to have another go. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Books

 Slow Reading month,
but a good one non the less.

oh how I loved this one. I am such a sucker for Books set in Boston. Im almost tempted to say this is for all you nerd lovers--- but somehow its not...and in a way totally is. Really its just a lovely book that I thouroughly enjoyed. *sigh* and matt. oh Matty you sweet quirky genius of a boy. I loved this whole story. 
Oh and this one, this one was love.
I loved Carly, and Ryan. oh ryan and your warm still grey eyes.
I loved Danny and his colors.
I loved the surf, the water, everything.
And the cover? 
I am a sucker I tell you, for this cover.

   I honestly don't even know how I came across this one. All I know is all that red caught my eye, that cross bow caught my attention, and seeing the look on her face--well, I was done for. and Rightfully so. I loved this one. loved, loved loved. I cannot wait till the next one comes out. Reminded me a little bit of poison study, but stood on its own. Stood on its own with probably a hand stand and cartwheel to boot. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Books Of October

I love Robin McKinley but was not in the mood when reading this one. True to form though, writing was nothing short of impecable. I also didn't finish the last couple chapters---which usually never happens. No Review.

Can't say it enough. I love you Melina Marchetta This one brought me to tears. Loved it. Sad I didn't write a review.

Remember the first time I met Brodi? She is the stuff of awesomeness! and I was one of the lucky ones on the Everneath ARC book tour! I loved this one :) Review will be posted December 19.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Books of September

Love Melina Marchetta, this one didn't disappoint. Review Here

Chosen from Booklist. Wasn't too hot on this one, but good writing. Review Here

Melina Marchetta has definitely been one of my favorite newly discovered authors this year. My first book I read of hers and definitely NOT the last. Review Here 

Something about Sarah Rees Brenneman that keeps me coming back for more. second in trilogy, read the first and ready for more. No Review 

Loved The Blue Sword, not so much with this one. Review Here